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Who Was Pee Wee? One other Canine Dies in a Texas A&M Lab


Aug 14, 2022
Who Was Pee Wee? One other Canine Dies in a Texas A&M Lab

A tiny golden retriever pet was born on Could 24, 2010. His identify was Pee Wee.

The phrase “born,” nonetheless, doesn’t actually describe what occurred. Extra precisely, Pee Wee was produced, like a product, purpose-bred to endure from canine muscular dystrophy (MD). He would exist solely so long as he was helpful to Joe Kornegay, who headed the canine MD laboratories on the College of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and, two years later, at Texas A&M College.

Pee Wee would endure rising ache day by day of his life because the illness steadily ravaged his physique to the purpose of debilitation. After 11 excruciating years, he would die in a chilly, steel kennel, simply as he had lived—alone.

Pee Wee’s Sluggish and Agonizing Loss of life

Canine MD is a progressive illness, which means it will get worse by the day. Every day of Pee Wee’s life was harder than the one earlier than. When he was 7, experimenters noticed that Pee Wee’s muscle atrophy had gotten worse. When he was 8, his urge for food took a nosedive. Quite a few notations in paperwork that span years point out that Pee Wee didn’t eat correctly—leaving some or all of his meals. He wanted chiropractic changes and medicine to alleviate joint ache. Regardless of these remedies, data present that Pee Wee had vital issue standing or strolling by the point he was 11 years outdated. Workers additionally discovered that he had misplaced much more muscle mass—together with in his jaw space and thighs—and he suffered from irregular coronary heart rhythm as a result of canine MD spares no muscle from assault.

By February 2022, canine MD’s takeover of Pee Wee’s physique was almost full. Information present that he was unable to face on February 14, 15, or 16. Pee Wee wanted the assistance of standing aids to get him off the cage ground and leg braces throughout the rare instances he was allowed to train.

On March 13 and 21, data point out that workers discovered Pee Wee “quiet”—a time period that usually suggests he was in extreme ache. He refused meals for days on finish and misplaced 6% of his body weight in simply 11 days. By March 21, he was refusing all treats, needed to be helped to rise, and was sluggish to maneuver. There was vomit in his cage. He stood for one minute and lay down once more. All this could have lastly compelled experimenters to launch Pee Wee from his struggling—however they’d no such decency.

Pee Wee was discovered lifeless in his kennel on the morning of March 26.

Feds Allowed Pee Wee’s Struggling to Proceed

After studying of Pee Wee’s struggling, PETA submitted three separate complaints to the U.S. Division of Agriculture (USDA). One, on November 11, 2019, acknowledged:

A number of notations in his data, extending way back to January 2019 point out that he was not consuming all of his meals. … Though we have now solely acquired data to September 10, 2019, we’re involved that if Pee Wee continues to be alive, he’s seemingly struggling appreciable ache and misery past that which might be thought-about “mandatory” for the needs of any experimentation.

However the USDA sat on our criticism for greater than two years. When the company lastly did verify on Pee Wee on November 29, 2021, it discovered nothing mistaken—regardless of proof that Pee Wee was clearly circling the drain.

Launch. The. Canines.

Pee Wee’s life was as tragic and unhappy because it was emblematic of the lives of innumerable canine within the Texas A&M MD laboratory—all of whom endured unimaginable ache and died for completely nothing. In additional than 40 years of inflicting a lifetime of struggling on canine like Pee Wee, no remedy or therapy to reverse the signs of MD in people has been discovered.

dogs like pee wee used in texas a&m laboratories

Sufficient is sufficient. Please be part of PETA in calling on Texas A&M to undertake out the 9 wholesome canine from this lab who have been betrayed and transferred to the veterinary faculty, regardless of the promise to launch them:

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