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Western Kingbird – Reflections of the Pure World


Aug 13, 2022
Western Kingbird – Reflections of the Pure World

By Jim Acquire

Study 100 Frequent Valley Birds is a photograph weblog sequence highlighting the 100 most typical Valley chook species.

Publish #4 within the Study 100 Frequent Valley Birds sequence.

Western Kingbirds are Frequent Summer time Guests to California’s Central Valley and are one of many earliest returning Neotropic migrants normally arriving from Mexico and Central America in mid to late March. Their sudden look alongside nation street fence traces is a positive signal that Spring has arrived.

Western Kingbird

Grownup Western Kingbirds are usually seen perching on fence wires the place they sally out to grab flying bugs. They’re monomorphic (women and men have related look), acknowledged by their yellow stomach, all pale-gray chest and throat and gray-brown again. They are going to continuously flash their white outer tailfeathers as they fly out from their perch.

Western Kingbird

Western Kingbirds belong to the Tyrant Flycatcher household (Tyrannidae) and are considered one of 7 kingbirds discovered within the US. Of these 7 species, solely 2 are usually discovered within the Central Valley. The opposite kingbird discovered usually within the Central Valley (a lot rarer) is the Cassin’s Kingbird. Cassin’s Kingbird has white-tipped tail feathers as an alternative of the white-edges. It additionally has a darker grey chest and head with a daring white chin. Try the comparability photographs beneath.

Left – Cassin’s Kingbird | Western Kingbird – Proper

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