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The Catholic Tradition Podcast: 137 – The Poetics of John the Evangelist


Aug 12, 2022
The Catholic Tradition Podcast: 137 – The Poetics of John the Evangelist

Jul 7, 2022

Poet, translator and cultural critic Anthony Esolen joins the
podcast to debate his ebook, Within the Starting Was the Phrase: An
Annotated Studying of the Prologue of John

‘On this prolonged meditation, Anthony Esolen appears, phrase by
phrase, on the majestic Prologue to the Gospel of John, which with
good motive he calls “essentially the most influential paragraph within the historical past
of man.” He unfolds its theological richness by exhibiting how the
Apostle John has in thoughts, not solely what he noticed Jesus do and heard
him say, but in addition the entire witness of Scripture earlier than the time of
Jesus, and the best way the younger Church proclaimed him. A singular
function of this exceptional work is how Esolen “hears” (and we with
him) the Hebrew/Aramaic underlying John’s Greek (which was
not his mom tongue), echoing these languages in such a method that,
, what we thought may by no means be extra profoundly
expressed bursts forth in a renewed poetic splendor that brings
into ever keener reduction the entire panorama of the theology of the
God-Man. Esolen’s decades-long immersion in Christian poetry and
Scripture uniquely positions him as a information to the astonishing and
life-changing “poem” of the Prologue. He says it finest: “My hope is
not solely to light up what John needs us to listen to, however to indicate
that, relating to this poetry, John isn’t the originator; he
is, relatively, the beloved disciple who caught the behavior from the Lord
Himself.”‘ (Writer’s description)


Anthony Esolen, Within the Starting Was the Phrase

Esolen’s new publication, Phrase & Track https://anthonyesolen.substack.com

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