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Celebs Are Horrified by Collapse of NYC Horse


Aug 13, 2022
Celebs Are Horrified by Collapse of NYC Horse

On August 10, a horse used for carriage rides collapsed in the course of a busy New York Metropolis road, doubtless attributable to sickness and warmth exhaustion. He lay on Ninth Avenue for over an hour—with no veterinary care—whereas his driver reportedly slapped him, whipped him, and screamed at him to stand up. PETA uncovered this horror on social media inside minutes.

Making horses pull hundreds like carriages is merciless. Horses are pressured to toil in excessive climate circumstances, dodge visitors, and pound the pavement all day lengthy. They might develop respiratory illnesses from respiratory the exhaust fumes of motor autos, they usually can develop debilitating leg issues attributable to strolling on arduous surfaces.


This appalling incident garnered consideration from individuals all all over the world, together with celebrities. They instantly took to social media to precise their disgust and concern that this merciless, outdated vacationer lure is allowed to proceed:

Kendall Jenner

Kaley Cuoco

Nikki Glaser

Heather Rae Younger

Joey King

Daniella Monet

Shannen Doherty

Crystal Hefner

Taryn Manning

Brandi Cyrus

Christie Brinkley

Holly Combs Ryan

Tara Sturdy

Vigilante Vegan

Assist Horses: Take Motion Now

By no means take carriage rides pulled by horses, and clarify to your loved ones and buddies why they shouldn’t, both. In case your metropolis permits horse-drawn carriages on its streets, urge your legislators to suggest laws that may ban them.

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